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Who are we

CR Foderservice is a new competitive alternative to factory-made and home-mixed feed.

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The company is based in the north of Funen, where the founder Niels Frost Rasmussen has a solid background and long experience from the grain and feed industry, as he is the third generation of former family-owned feed company Carl Rasmussen, Gamby.

Sales, logistics and marketing is done in collaboration with Sales Manager Steen L. Aaen. Who has more than 25 years experience in the agribusiness industry and therefore is a large capacity for the company.

With CR Foderservice's experience in the agribusiness industry and feed production, we know how important quality feed is to a good production for the individual farmer - and thus profit to the bottom line.

The company was established in October 2010 and the first mobile system arrived in July 2011. From October 2015 six trucks drives around to the Danish farmers and CR Foderservice is almost nationwide. We're on the road 6 days á week for 12 hours so that the service and capacity is optimized.


Mobile Mixing-plants - a wellknown concept

The concept of the use of mobile batching plant is a full-fledged alternative to home-mixing installations and plant feed - just less costly. After thorough research Niels Frost Rasmussen fetched the concept to Denmark from Germany, where for more than 25 years this method has been used to produce animal feed. Over 500 mobile batching plants services today German farmers and industry - and the market is still growing. Based on the German success and an overwhelming positive feedback from both feeding consultants, financial institutions and Danish farmers, CR Foderservice sees a great future for the mobile mixing plants in Denmark.

The mobile mixing installations is intended primarily for:
» The piglets manufacturer
» The finishers manufacturer
» The industry
» The transition from a complete feed for mobile home-mixed feed is easy for the individual farmer - and does not require large investments
» CR Foderservice today produces food for customers with an annual requirement of 200 tons - 4500 tons.
» CR Foderservice produces today also home mixers where logistics to the customer's other properties is a challenge.


Get on the wagon

To get started with feed production with mobile mixing installation farmer must provide:

» To have capacity to store grain and raw materials.
» That grain and raw materials are located with good access
» To prepare a prescription for the feed mixture together with its feed consultant.
» Possibly help with the work when the mobile facility is coming to visit.
» Get a free visit from CR Foderservice and let us review your circumstances and opportunities.


Our area of business

The transition from a complete feed for mobile home-mixed feed is easy and doesn't require large investments.
The farmer can use their own grain own feed and thus avoid grain and feed industry profit of grain and animal processing and transport

Advantages of a mobile mixing plant

By mobile mixed feed, the farmer is always aware of its raw materials, and he can at any time inspect the raw materials for odor and texture - and thus ensure fresh feed. Furthermore, you can combine individual and flexible compound that is tailored to the individual crew requirements, life cycle and health status. Through the mobile mixing plants achieves all the benefits of home-mixed feed - but without the large capital investments and the constant maintenance that a home mixing plant requires.

Feed is of course the greatest cost in production - and thus a place where we can save a lot of money. On this front comes the mobile mixing plant in as a new and powerful concept.
The advantage of the mobile mixing plant is the farmer can use their own grain for feed and thus avoid grain and feed industry margins on grain and the expensive treatment and transportation costs. There is full transparency with the prices of the raw materials used in the feed mixture.


Economy - what's in it for you ?

The economy obviously depends on the conditions of manufacture and with the volumes produced per. mix. However, as a guideline and experience from our first production year, prices from kr. 17-30, - pr. 100 kg depending on the type of mixture.

Treatment and transportation of feed grain with a moisture content of 16% and a grain price of 140 kr, lies solely on grain at a cost of 20, - pr. 100 kg, which corresponds to the costs associated with mixing feed on mobile mixing plants and thus expenditure neutral.


The process from start to finish




Niels Frost Rasmussen

Chief Executive Officer

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Steen Lindegaard Aaen

Chief Sales Officer

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